Summer recipe


Time for a real summer mix! After reading the recipe, a strong reflex to go out and buy the ingredients should set in immediately. Here it is:

• 4 cl Wodqa®
• 2 cl Midori melon
• 2 cl Fritz® melon lemonade (or some soda)

Midori melon liqueur is a Japanese liqueur specialty with watermelon taste (in crunchy green flavor) that perfectly harmonizes with our Wodqa®. The melon lemonade (or the soda) ensures a slightly sparkling effect. Put the ingredients in a wide, deep glass (e.g. whiskey tumbler) and garnish as desired with a fresh piece of melon. A great finale for a summer evening!

Our tip: a pre-chilled glass from the freezer provides a great look and additional cooling effect!

If Midori melon is not at hand, we recommend squeezing the juice out of a fully ripe, sweet (previously pitted) watermelon. Adding a shot of soda makes this W&M a »light mix«.

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