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Duty Free


Double-U is now ready for take off in all duty free stores at airport DUS (Germany). All passengers has actually the opportunity to get the limited edition. The luxury package with our nice opener in the design of a small metall branch. Or the [...]

VIPs on the Kö


This year’s Gourmet Festival Dusseldorf was dominated by manufactories and premium qualities. Accordingly, many VIPs (Vodka Interested Persons) came to the Wodqa booth to taste and to listen to the story of absolute purity and naturalness. [...]

Lafayette mag Wodqa®


As of July, our double-gold winner can also be found in the Galeries Lafayette Berlin in the gourmet and spirits department.

The luxury department store in Berlin Mitte opted for our ultra premium spirit, showing that in addition to an extensive [...]

XO and W


The Deli of the gourmet eldorado Becker’s XO in Trier now also carries our unfiltered premium product in its assortment of fine goods. The top location with exquisite delicatessen, wines and spirits and two associated bars and one restaurant [...]


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