3 elements


Element # 1: Wheat

Not all wheat is alike.

Our wheat comes from Austria and was harvested with respect for nature in a small farm. Nutrient-rich terrain, an unencumbered location and a family enterprise intent on pure diligence ensure the required quality of the wheat used by us.

We use winter wheat for the production of our Wodqa®. It is milder than spring wheat and is therefore considered the wheat of choice for the distillation of »high quality« vodka.

The wheat is crushed and mixed with hot water. With the addition of enzyme-activated malt, the starch contained in the wheat is transformed into sugar. The saccharified mash is fermented to alcohol with the help of yeast.


Element # 2: Rock

The primary rock through which our spring water flows is made of granite. To be precise: Mauthausener granite.

This rock is an inherent part of the so-called Bohemian mass, a geologically old part of Central Europe. It was fragmented into plates through various fractures over millions of years. The fine to medium-sized granite of this primary rock is essentially responsible for the extreme softness of the water.

An ideal fundament for the distillation of an exquisite Wodqa®.


Element # 3: Water

The quality of the water is decisive for the quality of the distillate.

The water for our Wodqa® is drawn from the extremely soft spring water of an Austrian nature reserve. Thanks to its long journey through the primary rock, it takes on many minerals. These later serve as an aroma carrier – as long as they are not filtered out.

Our water is freshly drawn for every single production and used within 24 hours. It is added to the distillate, which has a high-percentage volume after the distillation, in order to bring it up to the 40% vol. so typical of vodka. It goes without saying that only soft, rich and fresh water provides best results in terms of taste.

Wodqa® is based on such an extremely pure kind of water.

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