The distillation creates Wodqa® from the essence of the elements.

Two methods are basically used for the production of spirits. During continuous distillation, new mash is continuously added during the distillation process. This method is very economical and intended for the production of large amounts of spirits, which is why it is mainly used for industrial production. But that’s not our thing.

Batch distillation is used for the production of high-quality, aromatic spirits. In this process the mash is completely fed into the still and slowly heated. In the case of Wodqa®, a seven-times distillation via five pot stills at a time then takes place. The valuable grain aromas remain in the distillate thanks to the accurate separation of the inferior heads and tails of the distillation, as well as the gentle warming of the valuable middle run, the so-called heart of the distillate.

That requires time and a great deal of care. It is a procedure that is used by pure malt whiskey distilleries – and by us.

»W« – flavored by nature.

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