Our company is passionately involved in the development, production, marketing and sale of premium spirits.

The idea of establishing an extremely pure spirit was already born in the year 2005.

The spirits industry merely smiled at our endeavors of providing exceptional quality, filled into equally exceptional packaging. No one wanted to or was able to cater to our newcomer desire for native grains, highest-quality water and manual distillation with utmost diligence. We therefore began with the best possible industrial quality of Qorn® according to German purity law and proved that German grain distillate still has quite some potential. However, we were initially not able to attain that last little ounce of excellence we were striving for. Which is why it was all the more pleasant that we found supporters who believed in us and motivated us further – and led us in the direction of vodka.

It took a number of years before we were able to see our maxims fulfilled in all areas: the meticulous and passionate production of Wodqa® with the highest possible product quality, with best possible ingredients. But most importantly: with plenty of time. That is why we like to call Wodqa® a slow spirit.

Our production is today based on the perfection of our skills, the production in close touch with nature, and treating all partners and suppliers in a particularly fair way. And that in turn provides a fine-tasting combination of originality and modernity.

We are happy to have the opportunity of introducing this distillate to you.

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