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[V] like Venture

Our [E]xplicit Liquids© are ready to conquer international markets and expand beyond the current proof of concepts. All the tools to generate sales volume and growth are in place. Horizontal line extension with new [W] flavors (five times [...]

Ahoi 2017!

Gute Leude Fabrik

The New Year’s event from the agency PReventas in Hamburg has been legendary for quite some time. And the 2017 party at the Ramada Hotel was certainly second to none. Over 1,000 guests were celebrating in a festive mood on each and every floor. [...]

Duty Free


Double-U is now ready for take off in all duty free stores at airport DUS (Germany). All passengers has actually the opportunity to get the limited edition. The luxury package with our nice opener in the design of a small metall branch. Or the [...]

VIPs on the Kö


This year’s Gourmet Festival Dusseldorf was dominated by manufactories and premium qualities. Accordingly, many VIPs (Vodka Interested Persons) came to the Wodqa booth to taste and to listen to the story of absolute purity and naturalness. [...]


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